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Hello, my name is Jared Picune, and this is my blog. I work as a video editor and have been an avid Apple user since I was in fifth grade, which lead me into the film/video industry. I am a complete tech geek and love to rant. And just so you know I have bad GAS (grammar and spelling). Okay that was lame but it is true!

My most well known project is probably Baby Einstein. In the last few years I have completed several videos in the series for Disney. I am proud to say, all of which were cut and finished with FCP.

So I want this site to be my little geekey corner of the world. I hope that you can use this site as a source for some great tech news, the latest Apple info, some great FCP tips and tricks, and other fun stuff.


8 Responses to “About The Picune Blog”

  1. Hello, I have a question for you about exporting video from quicktime. I make a lot of presentations using only audio and text screens, but the font looks sort of pixelated during my presentations, how do I export a completely loss less video from fcp?

  2. SD video resolutions are low (usually much lower than presentation software uses), and are designed to be displayed on an TV. In a nutshell I would recommend using HD resolutions to improve your text for use in presentations. Uncompressed will not necessarily make any difference in you results, however take a look over at FCP Tip #16 (https://jpicune.wordpress.com/2006/09/04/final-cut-pro-tip-016/) to find out how to export uncompressed or unchanged.

  3. When is the FCP user group Denver for month of September??
    Is it Tue 26th?

  4. I am not sure when the next DFCPUG meeting is? Normally it would be today the 26th, but I have heard nothing about it.

  5. Hello Jared,

    The CalDigit Team found your nifty blog site. We want to give you our greetings, and let you know that we are very interested in working with people like you. CalDigit is all about making the video editing process more efficient, and making HD video editing more affordable. Would you be interested in reviewing one of our products? We’d love to get your feedback.


  6. Is there a way to capture video that has already been recorded by a DVR using the AVCVideoCap utility?

  7. In general whatever is playing on the DVR is what is coming out of the firewire port. So if you have already recored a show, you just have to play it and capture it then. I wish it were possible to just transfer the files, that would be much easier and save some time.

  8. 🙂

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