Funny SNL iPhone Steve Jobs Parody

Saturday Night Live has done it again, a great Steve Jobs impression on Weekly Update. While this sketch is pointed to the highly publicized iPhone, it is not quite as funny as the iPod Nano sketch from last year.

Check out the video from YouTube.


~ by jpicune on January 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “Funny SNL iPhone Steve Jobs Parody”

  1. I had to search for the SNL bit, but it was definitely worth it! Thanks, Ian.

  2. Uh, the video doesn’t work…

  3. NBC has removed the video from YouTube, that really sucks.

  4. I got by searching at YouTube for “iphone snl”. -Ian

  5. Thanks for the update, I have changed the link! I guess NBC just wanted it on their YouTube account.

  6. Thanks for the updated link. I like the “20 min battery life” part. Battery life is the exact part why I don’t like my mp3 player and cell phone combined. Calling is mission critical while listening to music is not. BTW, isn’t apple copying LG KE850 (announced on Dec 2006)?

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