The Blizzard of 2006!

Well it snowed and snowed and snowed over the last two days here in Denver. And needless to say we got a lot, and I mean a lot of snow. I have not found the exact total for my area yet, but it is well over two feet. Standing in the street the snow came to well above my knees.

Anyway wanted to share some pictures. I posted them on my .Mac account so you can use the cool Ajax slide show feature. They are nothing special, but there was so much snow I just wanted to share.

Here is the link and a quick preview (it’s my car by the way):



~ by jpicune on December 21, 2006.

3 Responses to “The Blizzard of 2006!”

  1. man… we have more than you!

    Merry Christmas Jerod! Are you staying in Denver or?


  2. Nope out of state this year.

  3. good blog is dead blog:-) long live!

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