MacBook Pro Update 2 – The Saga Continues

If anyone has been following my MacBook Pro dilemma, here is a brief update.

Exactly four weeks, and I stress FOUR, I received my MacBook Pro back from repair at the Apple store. It turns out the replaced the airport card twice, the logic board, and the top case. I guess there was a loose screw that was causing some shorts. Well this was all fine and dandy, and I was happy to get my computer back.

Problem One – I go into the Apple store to pick up the computer. I am greeted by a nice man that asks if he can help me. I say yes, I am here to pick up my computer. He proceeds to walk me back to the genius bar. He then takes my paperwork and goes in to the back. He quickly returns with my MacBook Pro. He then tells one of the geniuses that it is my computer. The genius was busy helping another customer at the time, so I waited patiently.

Considering, I was never told that I needed to make an appointment, or be checked out, I was slightly pissed off when the genius continued to help 2 other customers. All I needed was to get my computer. After a half hour, I was fed up. I went tot he front of the store and asked one of the guys at the checkout desk if they could help. He was very nice and took me back to the genius bar and interrupted the only genius. However, the genius proceeded to help other customers. Then finally, I got my turn. He looked at my paperwork, asked me if I had any questions, I had to sign a form, and I was done. Two minutes. Very poor customer service.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Apple products to death, and this is the first one to ever give me any issues, but it has truly be a nightmare getting this thing fixed.

Problem Two – I get back to the office extremely eager to restore all of my files. I had received new restore discs with the new logic board, so the first thing I went to do was look at what version the OS was. To my surprise, I noticed that the processor speed had decreased from 2.16 GHz to 2.0 GHz, and speed bump that I paid $300 dollars for.

When I called the store to find out how to resolve this problem, I was told that I had to make an appointment and come in. I will not give them my fucking computer again, that is for sure. So I called Apple customer support phone number, and was finally upgraded 3 times. They called the Apple store, and found out that there was some sort of glitch in the ordering system, and the 2.16 to 2.0 processor order was the computers mistake. Like I care. But they are going to call me when the correct part comes it, and I guess we will se what happens from there.

This is completely ridiculous and an absolute waste of my time. I spent a shitload on this computer, and this is way to difficult to get resolved. Apple, just give me a new computer, you have already spent more that the cost of one on wages, shipping and parts. Although I have t say, that other than the local apple store my experience has not been bad. Apple had made an effort to make things right. It is the Apple store that is the pain in the butt.


~ by jpicune on November 10, 2006.

5 Responses to “MacBook Pro Update 2 – The Saga Continues”

  1. Guess what ? Mine has been in apple care for 2 month now… They changed everything inside without solving the problem and they finally found that I had a fucking Sony battery causing the computer to shut down every 5 minutes….

    And you can feel lucky because you DO have an apple store… Apple store are not yet in france and you got to go throught your local dealer in order to talk to apple!


  2. Ouch! I thought my situation was bad. I have to bring mine back in of Friday, I guess we will see if it finally gets fixed or not.

  3. Unbelievable! After searching forums and articles for the last 2 hours convinced that no one has had a similar problem I find this article, detailing my exact symptoms of my 2.16 MBP. I now after having a new hard drive installed, reformatting, reinstalling and mysteriously not having airport anymore fear that I will suffer the same fate you did. Only at my own dollar due to physical warranty voiding damage visible to the machine. Wish me that luck that you wished for earlier!

  4. Well good luck, but you should feel lucky. When I went to get the slower logic board fixed, they gave me back the computer, and it would not boot. I had to go back in again and wait over 2 hours to get it back up and running. It is a nightmare!

  5. I am having very similar problems and refraining from taking it in because of the possible long wait. I will keep checking. I also have an iMac sitting on my desk but the stupid thing has a power supply problem and keeps turning itself off. Ridiculous.

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