Quad-Core, The Real Video iPod & 802.11n?

After a relatively slow week of Apples news, it looks like we have been hit with a plethora of new developments.

It looks like Intel’s new “Clovertown” quad-core processor could make it into the Apple line, maybe even as early as November according to Appleinsider.

The update to the MacBook Pro, which were just released two days ago, look like they might have an 802.11n airport card installed. Several users who have received these new MacBook Pros have reported this information. Many believe that this new Wi-Fi technology will go hand in hand with the new iTV device. Regardless, Apple has always been on top of incorporating the latest technology like USB, Wi-Fi, and PCIe among others.

A post from hrmpf.com reveals interesting diagrams of the infamous true video iPod. Apparently the images are from a recent patent filling and reveal some interesting details. It looks as the the outer edge, or bevel of the iPod could become touch sensitive, while the screen would cover the entire face of the device.

Also Apple has released an iPod Shuffle reset utility to solve some known issues with the new device, and they have also released and update to Final Cut Express to 3.5.1.


~ by jpicune on October 26, 2006.

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