Victor’s Secret: Car Bra Commercial

So this is a video I did back in film school in 2000. I thought I would try to contribute a few laughs to the YouTube community. This video was a collaboration of my entire 16mm film class. We had several different ideas for our class project. Everyone wanted to do something dramatic, but we had no budget and really no time. So I suggested we shoot a commercial. I threw out the Victoria’s Secret car bra idea, and Victor’s Secret was born.

If anyone is interested in the specs, the entire thing was shot on 16mm film, transferred to Beta SP, and edited by yours truly on an Discreet Edit. The basic graphics (not that there is many) were done with After Effects on a G3 Mac. Man, that was a long time ago.

Looking back now I realize that it was not nearly as funny as I remembered, but it is still worth a quick 60 second break. I hope you enjoy.


~ by jpicune on October 10, 2006.

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