Apple’s Photokina Special Event on September 25th…

From TUAW:

Apple’s special event at Photokina is underway. At the moment they are discussing the transition to Intel (which went smoothly) and heralding Aperture as the ‘ultimate darkroom.’ More info as we get it.

As we suspected, Aperture is the star of the show. Testimonials from a number of photographers are being played, and they are all heralding Aperture as super cool.

Apple has just introduced Aperture 1.5. More details to come.

Not a major announcement so far, however, recent new has pointed out that Apple has really been struggling with Aperture. Hopefully the 1.5 release will bring some much needed fixes and improvements to the app. One a related note, Adobe has released beta 4 of Lightroom.

From Mac Rumors

Apple held their Photokina Media Event today and announced Aperture 1.5.

Aperture 1.5 provides more iLife integration, plug-in support for Internet services, and advanced library and editing features. The new features are summarized on this page. Improvements include:

• Flexible Library Manangement
• iLife ’06 and iWork ’06 Integration
• Export Metadata Automatically
• Advanced Color Controls
• Edge Sharpen
• Speed Metadata Entry with Presets
• Improved Loupe
• iPod Sync
• and more…

It is a free update to existing Aperture owners and should be available later this week. Apple’s website has been updated to reflect the new version.

If there are any more announcements from Photokina throughout the day I will update them here, so stay tuned.


~ by jpicune on September 25, 2006.

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  1. […] UPDATE: Announcements made! Here is a link to my coverage. UPDATE: Mac Rumors has posted this on their Page 2 site: While there will be no keynote address at Apple Expo Paris, Apple is planning on hosting a special event at the opening of Photokina 2006 in Germany. […]

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