It’s Showtime!

Wow the rumors are flying, the iTunes Music Store is down. Apple has posted a note simply saying “It’s Showtime”, I don’t know what to expect.

Here is a summary of what some sights are saying:

Mac Rumors

More possibilities continue to roll in for today’s event.

Several readers have noted the publication of an iPhone photo in a French online newspaper. This iPhone photo is simply a confirmed mockup design that had been published months ago.

Meanwhile, one new report indicates that there are 8 new iPod stock numbers and 10 new accessory stock numbers available to resellers. Accessories are broken down into 3 new cases, 4 new armbands, a dock, headphones and a cable/connector piece.


Let’s just say I have been informed by a little reliable birdy about Tomorrow’s event. The line-up will follow this similar structure:
Welcoming of Media Members
Discussion on iTunes software, iTMS integration into iTunes, and iTMS sales and facts.
Announcement of iTunes version 7.0
Announces better search feature for Music Store
Announces Movie Store. Available Immediately will be movies from Disney and Pixar, among other studios.
New iPod Nano Announcement (nice brushed casing, while it will have same features as first gen, only a longer battery life)
New iPod Announcement (Widescreen, Bluetooth, and featuring virtual touchweel. Does not include Wi-Fi, or any other protocols)
One More Thing….TubePort. A $99 2-piece set that includes a dongle that connects via USB to your mac, and another dongle that connects via included HD cables or regular Component cables to your TV. The movie is accessed on your Mac via an iDisk-like storage component hosted by Apple.

Unofficial Apple Weblog

The evidence continues to mount. Several eagle-eyed readers have spotted the images and links depicted at right on the Quicktime page of Apple’s website for Germany. Of course, the links aren’t working for me right now (clicking them just brings up the “It’s Showtime” message), but they do begin with the familiar “…” address. Some of you have argued that these are for soundtracks, but the title of the column is “iTunes Videos.” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

If you’re in a country that has not yet had television and/or videos in iTunes and you find such a link on your respective country’s Apple site, please let us know!


~ by jpicune on September 12, 2006.

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