Remote Edit with the MacBook Pro (Preperation)

So if you’ve read any of my blog, I am sure that you have realized that I am somewhat of a Final Cut Pro fanatic. I truly love the software, and I make my living with it. However, it is rare that I get to venture far from my edit suite and edit else where. Most of the time I think this is a good thing. Most systems really need to be stationary so that they are able to accommodate anything that you need to throw at it. But FCP is versatile and it can become mobile, so that is exactly what I plan to do.

I have a job, next week, that will require me to edit almost live, and then burn to DVD. While this concept is not new at all, I have never done it before, so I am exited to see how it will work out. I will also post my results when I have finished the job, so that you can see how things worked out.

The Equipment
A DSR-11 deck, a MacBook Pro 15-inch (2.16GHz w/ 1GB RAM), and a FirmTek SATA RAID system that uses the Express Card slot in the MacBook Pro. To save money I will only be installing 2 250GB SATA drives (man they are cheap!).

So that is the deal. I am very curious to see how things work out. This will be my first real world experience using FCP on the MacBook Pro. And the FirmTek RAID should be an nice addition to the system. So Check back in to week or so, to see how thing went.

Continue to Part 2.


~ by jpicune on September 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Remote Edit with the MacBook Pro (Preperation)”

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