Apple Special Event – September, 25.

UPDATE: Announcements made! Here is a link to my coverage.
UPDATE: Mac Rumors has posted this on their Page 2 site:

While there will be no keynote address at Apple Expo Paris, Apple is planning on hosting a special event at the opening of Photokina 2006 in Germany.

Due to the photographic nature of the show, there has been speculation that Apple would be releasing an update to Aperture. One user points out that Apple’s Aperture feedback page asks users what version of Aperture they are using. Included in the pop-up list is Aperture 1.2, which has not yet been released.

However, the last released version of Aperture is version 1.1.2, which is not presently listed on the feedback page. As a result, the 1.2 version number may simply be a typographical error on Apple’s Aperture feedback site.

The UK press has received notification of a special Apple presentation happening at Photokina on September 25.

It sounds like it will be more a niche type announcement, probably dealing with photography and Aperture. But maybe we will all be surprised.

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~ by jpicune on August 22, 2006.

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